ljudi na mini sajmu, intervju

Mini job fair organized in Podgorica

Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the mini job fair which was jointly organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and Employment Office in the building of the capital.

Časlav Vešović, the Deputy Mayor of Podgorica, said that the problem of employment is what bothers most of the citizens of Montenegro and therefore considers that the obligation of the authorities that create the conditions for business and those who are responsible for the implementation of development projects, is to contribute to the employment of the local labor force. In his opinion, the capital is a proven partner for state authorities when it comes to creating a stimulating business conditions thus increasing employment, and when it comes to the realization of capital investments they generate new jobs. Last week, they adopted the report on the work of the Mayor of services of the capital, which was the opportunity to remember all the outcomes of the local authorities, but also to draw attention to all the new projects that have begun to realize.

“These projects are worth over 300 million euros which will generate many new jobs,” Vešović concluded.

He expressed the hope that people will take advantage of that opportunity and find jobs in the tourism and hospitality, because Podgorica as the capital of the tourist state has unacceptably low percentage in the tourism industry, but it is fortunately in recent years, changing for the better.

“Since 2014, we have achieved double-digit growth rates almost every year when it comes to the number of visitors and the number of nights and this has resulted in the creation of new jobs,” Vešović concluded.

Suljo Mustafic, the director of the Employment Office claims that the Ministry Department and the Employment Office implement the intensive campaigning “Employ local”. Last week, they successfully implemented activities in Berane, Bijelo Polje and Pljevlja. He says that on this day more than 47,000 people are unemployed in Montenegro. Mustafic called on all those who offer jobs and job seekers together to do everything they can so that domestic workers who are registered as unemployed and young people to participate in the implementation and construction of the country as a tourist attraction and wished Montenegro to work and employ local workers this summer.

The fair was attended by Idea, Aroma, Hard Discount Lakovic (HDL), Hotel Splendid (Budva), Hotel Vile Oliva (Petrovac), Sany taxi (Budva) who offered jobs.

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