m!M at the training in field of youth employment and entrepreneurship development

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in a three-day training to strengthen capacity in the field of youth employment and entrepreneurship development.

The National Conference on Entrepreneurial Learning was held at the University of Donja Gorica on October 14, 2020, as the first activity of the BY LEAP project implemented in Montenegro by the Student Business Center, in cooperation with the University of Donja Gorica. Lecturers on this topic were Dr Ivan Jovetic and Mr Ilija Mugosa.

After the arrival and registration of participants, the first day was opened with introductory words by Nikola Mićunović, MA from the Student Business Center, as well as Darko Radicanin from the organization Youth Achievements in Serbia.

In the first phase of the training, the focus was on the assessment of the existing way of thinking and knowledge through a questionnaire filled out by all participants. After completing the questionnaire, the comments of the lecturers and participants of the training followed, which in itself was an introduction to the next phase, which is a lecture and discussion on the topic of entrepreneurship and creating your own business.

The second day began with lectures on topics such as startups, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the role and impact of entrepreneurial policies, the EU and entrepreneurship policies, and entrepreneurship and education.

After the lecture, an exercise was created in which the participants were divided into groups with the aim of teamwork. The task of each group was to create a program to improve the position of young people through strengthening entrepreneurship. The day ended with the presentation of the created Programs as well as questions and discussion of both trainers and participants during and after the presentation of ideas.

On the third and final day, the topic was related to entrepreneurial policies. After the theoretical part of the lecture and examples of good practice in this area, the participants were divided into groups with the aim of creating entrepreneurial policies that would improve the development of entrepreneurship and reduce unemployment in the country.

After the presentation of ideas, comments and discussions of trainers and participants followed, as well as the awarding of certificates and greetings of all present.

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