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m!M attended the presentation of the annual report on philanthropy

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) attended a webinar where the results of the report “Montenegro donates” were presented. The report discusses philanthropy and donations in Montenegro in 2019, prepared by colleagues from Catalyst Balkans in cooperation with the Fund for Active Citizenship (fAKT).

The webinar, which took place on November 25 at 10 am, discussed the following:

– who donates,
– who are the recipients of donations,
– for what purposes it is most often donated,
– where greater social influence is possible.

According to the results presented to us by the Catalyst Foundation, 851 actions were recorded in Montenegro, Serbia and Northern Macedonia, in which about 6.68 million euros were collected. Donors of Montenegro are: business sector (41.8%), mass donations (34.3%), individuals (8.2%), mixed donations (4.3%), private foundations (0.2%), others (11.2%). Most donations are made to institutions (38.5%), individuals and families (28.4%) and non-profit organizations (24.9%), but they are also donated to local and national authorities (3.6%) and others (4.6%). Most actions were initiated for local communities, people with disabilities, economically disadvantaged people, people with health problems and others.

During the online event, we also talked about the philanthropic response to the COVID-19 crisis in Montenegro, with predictions of what the philanthropic year 2021 will look like.

crna gora daruje

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