m!M in Georgia

The team of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro in period from 10th to 17th of August was part of youth exchange “Share your story“ which was held in Misaktsieli in Georgia.

Youth exchange was organized as a part of Erasmus+ programme.Participation took young people from six countries: Georgia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Great Britain and Montenegro. Each country had six participants. After an introductory presentation about the project, exchange was opened by delegation from Montenegro,where beside the meeting game they had an energizer.At the second day of exchange beside numerous energizers, participants were introduced with programme.Beside that participants had an opportunity to share their own experience in area of discrimination, as well as to represent the situation in their own countries, related with: discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes. They studied about discrimantion, prejudices and stereotypes in details.They also had an opportunity to learn what is Human library and as part of it to share their own experiences and to answer on questions of other participiants.Participiants had an opportunity to hear positive and negative sideof Katarina Ćetković story, and to hear about her experience.They also had a chance to hear stories of many participiants story of one Russian girl and her experience at the airport that talk about love and that we should say the loved ones that we love them more often. Participiant from Czech Republic talked about situation in that country,and the other one young man from Italy (originated from Etiopia) shared experience which he had in Italy because of his origin. Milan Sekulović shared the story related with demonstrations held in Montenegro in 2015 and the situation in society after them. The participiants had an opportunity to be part of the game called secret friend, where they had a chance to receive present or picture from their secret friends. After that participiants had an opportunity to learn and show the other ones their skills and knowledge. Within that part called Open Space participiants had chance to attend following sessions.

Session about journalism Milan Sekulović i Jelena Lončar.Within the journalism session participiants had an opportunity to identify themselves as journalists, to learn what makes good story and which skills they should have as well as to spend one day as journalists.
Session about painting organized by participiants from Italy where participiants had chance to paint portraits of each other.
Session of dance organized by Russian participiants where they had opportunity to learn many Russian dances.
Session of host from Georgia, Liaman who had learned us how to become happy and she also learned us about processess in human body.
Beside that participiants learned us about elements of good story, public performance and from what it should be consisted successfull public performance. The participiants would receive the title of certain topic, they would make the story and other would advised them how to improve their work.

One Russian participant shared with us stereotypes and stories related with Russia and after that they could make good jokes in relation with her topic.
Every day participants had different activities and energizers which contributed to learn more and more on funny way. One of the game was related with discrimination and participants were separated in three groups discriminators, the one who were discriminated and the ones who solved cases of discrimination. Informal part was fullfilled with many activities such as dancing night, where participants had song and their task was to make coreography on it and the best were elected by two members jury. The best were Jelena Lončar and Katarina Ćetković from Montenegro, Liaman from Georgia and two Russian girls. Focus of the project was on national minorites and challenges with which they confront in their countries. Main focus was on organizing of public event where the participants were divided in certain groups and they were competing which group will be the best. Within public event participants were divided in the following sessions: photo session from Montenegro in which particpated Milan Sekulović, Saša Lopičić, Miloš Ivanović and Katarina Ćetković, as well as Liaman from Georgia and two girls from Russia. Dancing session in which participated Jelena Lončar, Milica Jojić from Montenegro, representatives from Italy and one representative from Great Britain. Music session was consisted from representatives from Russia, Great Britain and one representative from Georgia. Part of an event were paint session, promo session as well as team for logistic support. At the end of programme was organized intercultural night where all participants represented their national food and beverage and some of them even their national dances.Montenegrin team had made Montenegrin national hats, while Milan Sekulović showed them how to dance poskočica and Milica Jojić showed them how to dance kolo from Užice. Montenegrin team also represented their team with wine Vranac and on one of coffee breaks they served domestic black coffee and cakes from Montenegro.

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