Testimonial: Nikoleta Peric

Nikoleta Peric, the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro representative was the guest as the member of the Montenegrin Youth Forum at the 22nd meeting of the youth of the Republic of Srpska held on August 22-26, 2018 in Trebinje.

As a member of the Montenegrin Youth Forum, I was honored to be the guest at the 22nd meeting of the youth of the Republic of Srpska, which was held this year in Trebinje. The goal of the manifestation was to encourage the youth from the Republic of Srpska to networking, creative work, and socializing through fun and interactive learning they undoubtedly achieved. During 5 days of my stay, I had a chance to get to know the city and its landmarks and to make new friends through the cultural, sport and education programs, which were organized within the Meeting. The important aspect was the fact that representatives of the youth roof organizations from the Republic of Srpska, Federation of BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Saint Petersburg were present too. We, the COF representatives, had the chance to present the organization, exchange experiences, contacts, and ideas with the youth of the Republic of Srpska, roof organizations of the region and Russia. As the guests, we were privileged to spend more time sightseeing Trebinje, the town in which one can see a lot. We also visited the old town where there was the unavoidable confectionery “Greek” and “Angel gate”, where they filmed the “Wounded Eagle” soap. We also visited the tourist attraction the “Sun City”, where we enjoyed numerous toboggans and other content offered by the park. Trebinje is famous for its wine, so we drank their wines while chatting with the citizens of Trebinje, who along with the architecture, landmarks, and history are the treasure of this town. The citizens were smiling, willing to communicate, and always helpful.

This is one more significant experience I obtained during the work and volunteering in this organization, and I hope it will more.

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