m!M Informed High School Students from Tuzi

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro held the workshop for high school students of the Gymnasium “25. maj” in Tuzi on October 6, 2017. The activity is the part of the project “Activate and participate”, which was financially supported by the Municipality of Tuzi in Podgorica with 200 euros.
At the very beginning, the president of the organization Milica Žugić introduced pupils with the organization backgrounds, fields of activity and the most recent activities.

After that, the m!M opportunities for young people application was presented for the first time to the youth. It is created within the project “ – shortcut to opportunities”, and financed by the Ministry of Sports. With the application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, young people will have more opportunities for self-improvement, whether trainings, scholarships, various courses, volunteering, internships, recruitment, contests or events. Also, the young people were introduced with the Erasmus plus program, as well as the current calls for volunteering and training opportunities available to high school students that can be found both within the application and at

Žugić presented the project “Activate and participate” to the fourth grade Gymnasium students. The project’s overall objective is to improve the work of local government authorities, to achieve the principles of visibility and accountability of the government authority’s work in the Municipality of Tuzi. The specific objective is to increase the level of participation of young people from Tuzi in the decision-making processes. Within the project, a focus group was determined and young people identified the problems existing within the local community on which they would like to influence. During the two-hour conversation, about 30 young people talked about their dislikes and specific changes they would make. Within their proposal list were mentioned sports fields and a balloon sale, a park, but they also made remarks on city traffic. Most changes to be made are desirable at the very school, so there are reconstructions for gym, library, amphitheater, projector, etc.

The next activity within the project is the meeting with the city administration, where the conclusions within the focus group will be presented. Discussions will also be held on the possibilities for realization of what the youth from Tuzi recognized as necessary. This information will be significant for decision-makers because they will find out more about interests and proposals of young people, as well as about the areas they can contribute to within the local community.

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is the youth organization engaged in informing and educating young people, as well as in encouraging their active participation within the community. In addition to the project “Activate and participate”, the project “ – shortcut to opportunities” is in progress, as well as the project “Click Podgorica” funded by the Telenor Foundation.

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