m!M promoted our application to the Student Assembly of the School of Economy

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro held a workshop “m!M youth opportunities” on 26. December 2017 at the “Mirko Vešović” School of Economy in Podgorica.

m!M marketing manager Elma Selmanović introduced students to the workshop, and spoke of the type of work conducted at the orgnization, as well as activities performed by the m!M volunteer team. Chairperson of the organization, Milica Žugić, showcased the “m!M youth opportunities” application, as well as Erasmus+ program. She said that they were motivated to develop the application in order to resolve the overcrowding of the main website with news, so that the newly created application will contain exclusively opportunities for the youth academic and professional specialization.

Žugić reminded the attendants that besides launching the new application, m!M team had also redesigned it’s website www.mladiinfo.me. 

“Besides redesigning the website itself, we’ve also introduced the application. We’ve called it “Youth opportunities”, and it can be downloaded for free on Google Play store. You can use it to find all opportunities you are interested in.”

The organization’s chairperson also announced plans to port the application to the Iphone platform.

The audience was also presented with the promotional video showcasing the features that the application offers, after which she introduced also the Erasmus+ program, and explained it’s purpose and benefit to the society, while outlining the benefits offered to those participating in it’s programs.

“A significant difference exists in whether the person participating in the program comes from a so called “program country” or one of the “partner countries”. “Program countries” are the nations of EU, while we belong to “partner countries”. It means that unlike us, “program countries” have more opportunities at their disposal. Montenegro can participate in some of their actions” she explained.

Žugić then proceeded to present the previously realized programs, and those currently available to our citizens. Together with Katarina Cvetković, an employee at the organization, she presented the European Volunteers Service (EVS).

Katarina participated in two EVS programs in Slovenia and Italy, and shared her experiences to young students and potential EVS participants.

“EVS is a program for volunteer activities in Europe, and represents a unique opportunity to learn a language, meet people in different cultures, as well as participate in a significant project”.

She also added that participating in such a program represents an important addition to anyone’s resume, and that it represents an opportunity to gain invaluable experience and friendships.

“It is nearly a year since I’ve been to Slovenia, and I still maintain contacts with my friends and team with which I participated in the EVS.”

In the end, she spoke a few more words about the specific details of EVS programs.

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