m!M representatives in Poland


NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended seven-day seminar for making the partnership  regarding future projects. The seminat lasted from 1 to 7 December 2018, and was held in the tourist place Zaopane, Poland.

Representatives of the organization had a lot of work, so they started their working day with meeting representatives from 13 countries: Poland, Macedonia, Belarus, Greece, Lebanon, Malta, Jodan, Germany, Denmark, Bosnia and Georgia. All participants talked on their experience with Erasmus+ and their work with the youth. The first day they agreed on presentations of organizations that will be presented on the seminar. Night hours were reserved for the intercultural night, and NGO m!M representatives showed videos of Montenegrin areas, traditional dance and music. They used a special model of presentation named “Pecha Kucha”. During the second day, they presented a couple of organizations after which discussions followednon certain parts and segments of every organization. The third  day was reserved for workshops. Our representatives talked on volunteering, and the workshop was named “Perfect volunteer”. At the begining of  the workshop, participants were devided into 4 groups, 2of which were tasked to illustrate a perfect volunteer, while 2 groups were tasked to make a video no longer than 2 minutes where they call people to volunteer. What drew the attention of the people were videos of various actions of NGO Montenegro, where volunteers participated.

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