Testimonial: Jelena Maras

Jelena Maras as a representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the meeting of leaders on July 14-16, 2018 on the occasion of the youth exchange that will take place in August in Georgia.

“Every journey begins with the first step, and so this is my adventure. While I was in my previous work, attended a number of training courses, workshops, lectures and various kinds of training, this is through the first time to go as a leader and representative of the organization and my country. At this meeting, the leaders with five people from different countries including the Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Georgia, and the United Kingdom had the opportunity to create an agenda according to which the upcoming youth exchange will take place. This is the first time to do such a schedule, and I think this opportunity is very important for my personal and professional development. In addition, the working language of the meeting was English and I thus enhance my knowledge of the language, and, in communication with the leader of Italy, I improved my knowledge of this language. As a leader, organizational skills are of great importance to me. On the occasion of these meetings, I had a great responsibility and duty to raise my skills to a higher level.
Through the discussion with other leaders who have more experience in leading a group of people at these events, I had the opportunity to find out how they do it, organize, and what the preliminary preparations are necessary to be done. Because of the great experiences of other participants I have learned how to actively listen but also to demonstrate my work.
On the last day of my visit to Georgia I had a chance to feel the magic of this country and visited Tbilisi and Bakuriani Misaktsieli which is in the north of the country.
Staying in these cities I had the opportunity to try local dishes and drinks.
It is understood that I would recommend to everyone to set out on a journey.





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