Testimonial: Lidija Rabrenovic

Lidija Rabrenović spent a month on the EVS project “Think Once, Think Twice, Think Dance” in the coastal town of Bodrum in Turkey as the EVS volunteer at the International Bodrum Dance Festival. 

“EVS is used to enable young people up to 30 years to live shorter (1-2) months) or longer (up to one year) period abroad, working as volunteers in various fields, learn a foreign language and develop the personal and professional level. This is an excellent opportunity for young people across Europe, through the organization of which they are a member, to travel, expand their experience with different cultures, communication in different languages and gain new professional experiences, “says Lidija. At the beginning of the festival season, the city of Bodrum in Turkey became the home of 30 volunteers participating in an EVS project “Think Once, Think Twice, Think Dance!” This year, volunteers came from 28 European countries. There were professional dancers and amateurs, as well as photographers, cameramen, and designers, who worked, despite the limits of a team, to make this edition of the festival better than ever. In addition to the promotion of the festival, Erasmus + program, Turkish language lessons, and recording, the 30 volunteers were practicing hard for a dance performance which opened this year’s festival.

The intercultural exchange was supported by the socialization, presentation of each country on intercultural evenings, as well as exploring the Turkish tradition of the wedding which was attended by volunteers, traditional dancing, traveling to nearby cities, sightseeing tourist attractions and good fun. Young people under 30 years old can become part of the EVS experience. All expenditures, besides 10-30% of travel costs are covered by the European Commission, the organization sends volunteers whose members they are, and other organization for whose project they applied hosts the. It’s an experience once in a lifetime, filled with dynamics, everyday excitement, and adventure, where you can learn about business, communication, about other people, and ourselves, and of course you can make friends.

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