Nedim Lekić is in the photo

Testimonial: Nedim Lekić

I had the pleasure of participating in a digital awareness training organized by the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro in Bijela, Montenegro. The project took place from October 31 to November 6, 2022, and was attended by participants from Cyprus, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Germany and Montenegro. The training was held as part of the “Becoming Digitally Conscious” project, supported by the European Union.

The project on becoming digitally aware taught me how to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of digitization in various environments. We have learned how to use digitization in future educational programs that we may lead or be a part of, as well as how to make sure that our future students are comfortable with the technology they will be using.

The most important thing I learned during this project is the potential of digitization as a tool for education and learning processes. This was a great opportunity to show us how the workshop is organized in a way that will include the participation, motivation and sense of responsibility of the students.

We had many moments where we could talk and share our experiences, at the same time encouraging each other through various small projects, debates and workshops that we conducted throughout this project. The best part of the project was the opportunity to share our ideas, as well as to establish connections across borders!

In addition, we visited the beautiful places of the Bay of Kotor such as Perast and bustling Porto Montenegro. We learned about other cultures through this experience and developed a better understanding of our own culture. It was a great opportunity to see what life is like for young people living in different parts of Europe.

I am very grateful to all the people who participated in this project and who taught me something new!