Nina Đukanović is in the photo

Testimonial: Nina Đukanović

From October 31 to November 6, I had the opportunity to participate in the program BDC- “Becoming Digitally Conscious”, which took place in Herceg Novi, where I represented Montenegro together with 3 other participants. Except our country, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Albania also participated.

As the title of the topic says, the main topic for processing was digitization and all the advantages but also the dangers that it brings with it. Raising awareness about the placement of information on the Internet, acquisition and interpretation of the large amount of information available to us, but also how to use all that in the best way, it is of great importance, especially for us young people. Through interactive work as well as daily debates and presentations, we were able to learn and improve our knowledge in these areas in an interesting way. Also, through this project we got the opportunity to learn how independently to organize workshops in the desired areas, what constitutes a quality organization as well as what factors and sectors are of particular importance for it.

A large number of participants from other countries, made this project even more interesting and useful. Through socializing, presentations and intercultural nights, we were able to learn a lot about the way of thinking, mentality as well as the cultures of the participating countries. All that awakened my desire to visit one of their countries and continue socializing in a great atmosphere that prevailed during all seven days. That is why I am especially glad that this project continues and that we will have the opportunity to socialize and study in Berlin again.