The Ministry of Human and Minority Rights supports the NGO sector

The Ministry of Human and Minority Rights has awarded contracts for the financing projects in the field of “Protection and promotion of human and minority rights” to non-governmental organizations, including NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro.

The Ministry of Human and Minority Rights has allocated around EUR 150.000 for the implementation of nine projects in the field of improving the quality of life of LGBT persons, which will contribute to the creation of policies for the protection of that population.
Decision on allocation of funds for financing projects / programs of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the field of improving the quality of life of LGBT persons in Montenegro for 2019 was allocated to the: NGO Juventas, Institute for Social Policy Education, Center for Civic Education, Center for Monitoring and Research, CAZAS, Social Center, Kvir Montenegro, Spectrum Association, LGBT Forum Progress.
The General Director of the Directorate for Advancement and Protection of Human Rights, Blanka Radosevic Marovic, recalled that the department is awarding funds for the second time to NGO projects oriented to the protection and promotion of human rights of marginalized and vulnerable social groups. She said ‘’ we are very satisfied with the last year realization of the NGOs projects which got the means of the budget for year before and which are related to projects for LGBT rights. These projects need to be helpful for creating protection policies of this vulnerable group as well as for implementation regulations defined in the Strategy for Improving the Quality Life of LGBT people for period 2019 – 2023’’. She rated that projects were realized which have been supported by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights.
‘’This decentralized model has proven to be the right thing to do and in this way we create additional connection and cooperation with NGOs at one partner level, which is the right way of cooperation. The projects we had last year helped us significantly in implementing the measures of the Strategy, then we received a series of very useful research that showed where the problems are and helped us to create guidelines for implementing policies and protection for this vulnerable group” said Radosevic Marovic. She said that when it comes to this year’s projects, the expectations are the same and that the supported projects will significantly help in the area of protecting the rights of LGBT people in the coming period.

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