m! M on General Training for Small Games

The representative of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in general training for the most important volunteer positions at the Games of Small Countries, which was held on Wednesday, March 20th, at the Sports and Cultural Center of the University of Montenegro and was organized by NGO Volonteri2019 in cooperation with the organizers of the Games small countries of Europe.

To the coordinators of the sector, volunteers who will be the hosts of team sports, as well as volunteers who are in charge of the Head of the Mission of the Technical Manual of the Games, his details relate to the Olympic Village that will be in the hotel complex Slovenska Plaža, sports and disciplines, rural sectors, transport, accreditation center, sports teams, the functioning of the competition, their responsibilities and the role of the director of Igara Igor Vušurović and project manager Boris Sekulić, while the details about the duties of the media team were told by Aleksandar Radović, and the presentation on the dynamics of transport at the Games was presented by Enes Lekić.

The volunteers also had the opportunity to hear a useful lecture about the Green Games program, which will be applied at the Games itself, and how they can contribute to “Green Games” as well as why it is important that small-country games, as a major sporting event which are green, which are represented by UNDP representatives Radica Zeković and Ana Pajević Tošić through an interesting presentation and video. Games for Games have started, we will soon start with trainings for other volunteer teams in Podgorica and other host cities.

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