Norway for You – Montenegro project presented

Representative of m!M attended the conference Presentation of Public call for Proposals to Business Support Entities held on 30. 10. 2019. – Hotel CentreVille, Capital Plaza Podgorica.

The project “Support of the Kingdom of Norway to the Development of the Western Balkans – Norway for You – Montenegro” will contribute to a more balanced socio – economic development in Montenegro by increasing employment opportunities, supporting social cohesion and improving local infrastructure in less developed municipalities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway has allocated 15 million Norway Kroner for this project, which is being implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services. (UNOPS) over a period of 24 months.

With project will be achieved two immediate results:1. improving access to employment2. improving social inclusion through improving living conditionDuring the project, employment will be supported, vocational training provided, public calls for proposals submitted by local governments, civil society organizations and business support organizations will be provided as well as individual beneficiaries, entrepreneurs, micro, small, medium – sized enterprises, with special emphasis on unemployed women and young people. The beneficiaries are residents of less developed areas where the project is being implemented.

The Montenegrin Industrial Policy states that current Montenegrin is based on the services sector and the priorities are to encourage the development and growth of enterprises , their efficiency, productivity and innovation, as well as the introduction of concrete measures regarding the development capacity, business centers and incubators for improving cooperation between the research and real sector.

With the baseline scenario for Montenegro in the Economic Reform Program foresees that the annual real economic growth rate will be 2,8% in 2019; 2,3% in 2020 and 2,4% in 2021.

According to the lower growth scenario, the average annual rate of real economic growth in the period 2019 – 2020. is 1,73%.

The number of registered micro, small, medium – sized enterprises (MSMEs) in these municipalities is 6,963, which makes 25,99% of the total number of registered entrepreneurs in Montenegro, 3,022 or 32,30% are registered in these municipalities with another 1,731 employees.

Direct beneficiaries are defined as entities that through their principal activity, should contribute development goals such as economic growth, employment growth and poverty reduction through income generation and job creation.

The target group in the context of this Call are small businesses such as: entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses, households, cooperative and civil society organizations that are already affiliated or have the potential to come together in different forms of associations.

The final beneficiaries of the call are people who will have the benefits from the project in the long term, at the level of society or a specific sector (woman, young people, people with disabilities, etc.).

The Ministry of Economy and the Kingdom of Norway announced today during information session on the occasion of a public call for proposals for projects to support business development in Montenegro, which is implementing the project “Norway for You – Montenegro”.

“I’m pleased to see a big interest in public call that will help entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses, households, cooperatives and civil society organizations to expand into new markets as well as to introduce new professional standards. Our efforts will help in creating job and reducing unemployment, most among the most vulnerable groups. That is why, through Norway for You – Montenegro project, we want to together strengthen the economy and witness the country’s progress.” Norwegian Embassy Charge the affairs Jane Knutrud said.

The kingdom of Norway has earmarked 200,000 Euros for these projects and the condition for submitting applications is that the proposed activities under this call are to be predominantly implemented in the municipalities of: Andrijevica, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Cetinje, Danilvgrad, Gusinje, Niksic, Petnjica, Plav, Pljevlja, Rozaje, Savnik, Ulcinj and Zabljak.

“The value of the grants for the first lot can range from 10,000 to 20,000 Euros. Project activities can take no longer than ten months.” said Armen Cekic, Project Manager, Norway for You – Montenegro.All call details and application forms are available on the Norway for You – Montenegro project website (

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