The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro is organizing a humanitarian action for Natalija Ljumović in Berane

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro set up donation boxes for Natalija Ljumović in Berane. The boxes have been set up for the purpose of collecting financial aid in the following cafes: Marx, Pub Štab, Pub Tag, Štrafta Lounge Bar and Code, as well as in the student dormitory. Donations will be collected until Monday (February 1, 2021).

Natalija was born by emergency caesarean section in the 36th week. As a consequence of the lack of oxygen at birth, Natalija does not have the swallowing or sucking reflex, and she takes food exclusively on a tube through her nose, which she is now trying to remove in all possible ways, because it bothers her. Natalija is completely aphonic.

In order to improve her condition, adequate medications are needed, which are available in Macedonia, and without which it is not possible to contribute to the improvement of Natalija’s current condition.

The NGO Mladiinfo plans to organize humanitarian actions in other municipalities as well.

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