m!M at the DigitalOn digital summit

m!M at the DigitalOn digital summit

A representative of the NGO Mladiinfo attended the digital summit DigitalOn, organized by the Association of Managers of Montenegro and the Digital Transformation Committee AMM, on December 21, 2020, through the Zoom platform.

The online event DigitalOn was led by Bojana Maraš, PR manager of the Mtel digital factory.

At the beginning of the event, Budimir Raičković, President of the Association of Managers of Montenegro, was the first to address the audience.

“2020 is a year spent together by politics and the coronavirus. The already weak economy was simply forced to look for opportunities and ways to survive. In addition to tourism, all branches of the economy are affected and it is necessary to apply a set of support measures as soon as possible, especially to small and medium enterprises, but also measures that will go in order to recover and develop the economy”, said Budimir Raičković.

He also pointed out that everyone must influence the recovery of social and economic development.

After the introductory part of Budimir Raičković, Vladan Tabaš, President of the Committee for Digital Transformation, took the floor.

“The Digital Transformation Committee has had a number of activities. We held two digital summits that were well received, a large number of panels, presentations, round tables. We have continuously worked on attractive topics on the promotion of attractive IT topics, not only among IT staff but also beyond”, said Vladan Tabaš.

He also emphasized that work should be done on creating IT staff in Montenegro.

“Without a strong and quality IT sector, there is no transformation in Montenegro”, Tabaš pointed out.

During the event, we were also addressed by celebrities Nikola Rokvić, who is the founder of the Youbox platform, and Jelena Karleuša.

Nikola Rokvić spoke in more detail about the Youbox platform and what he and his team are doing specifically.

Videos of concerts of celebrities via the Youbox platform were also shown.

Jelena Karleuša spoke about how important digitalization is nowadays.

“The future of digitalization and the understanding of that means that we must react urgently and modernize not only in Serbia but also in Montenegro”, Jelena pointed out.

After their presentations, the Minister of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media, Tamara Srzentić, addressed the audience.

She gave a presentation in which she spoke about the practical experiences she had gained in California.

“Activities in the coming period must certainly be put in context due to the current epidemiological situation in Montenegro, that is, at the very beginning our focus will be on the preparation of a new modified package of assistance to the economy”, said State Secretary Milena Lipovina Božović.

She pointed out that the economy needs help and that in that part she will start with the revision of the existing third package of measures to help the economy and consider which measures will be retained, and which will be amended, supplemented or similar.

Dražen Raičković pointed out how important digital transformation is and digitalization itself. “People, managers and employees should progress, because every change is progress”, Dražen said.

Goran Jovanović, head of Mtel’s business customer service, spoke about a quick and easy solution to fiscalization.

“Fiscalization is a process of better monitoring of tax collection with the help of a special software device that is intended for that program”, said Jovanović.

Irena Fatić, project coordinator in Čikom, spoke about the interactive digital map of Montenegro’s cultural heritage.

m!M at the DigitalOn digital summit

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