Testimonial: Nikolina Maras

Nikolina Maras as a representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the study visit Nort Macedonia, organised as a final activity under the ,,Empowering Minorities: a project to improve practicies for work with minorities“. This visit ran from 30. september 2019. to 6 october 2019. during the visit, the participants visited organizations in Skoplje and Ohrid. What is her experience, read below.

,,This was my first experience in a study visit. I went off without any expectation, with a small amount of concern about the subject and mine ability to express myself fully in english. It is amazing how much you can learn in direct contact with an organization, although we know so much little about theorical knowledge of the subject and generally a large number of misconceptions. I was particularly encouraged to visit the Roman settlements in Skopje, where we had the opportunity to visit the premises where the children and the women are staying. The involvement of the organizations we have visited, of which we have heard and learned a lot, their resourcefulness and improvisation regardless the difficulties with legal regulations and documents have led me to the difficult question- Can we be proud of anything “short” if we constantly push the issues of endangered lives toward the margin, and by what point will worthless mismatches be our excuse for reluctance?

On the other hand, this study visit allowed me to socialize with the culturally diverse group of which I belonged. An incredibly significant experience, another powerful reminder of how beautiful the differences are. I have made a lot of friendships, shared many beautiful moments, and I am so grateful for every moment I remember from this study visit” Maras said

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