“The School of Acting and Public Performance” Officially Opened

NGO Mladiinfo has officially opened The School of Acting and Public Performance in its office on March 7th at 4 PM.

Participants were addressed by Đorđije Tatić, who will be their mentor and teacher.

The school consists of workshops in which participants will develop oral presentation skills, as well as rhetoric and communication skills. The goal is for young people to rid themselves of public speaking and communication anxiety through a series of exercises and games. These workshops will aid the participants in working on their professional and personal development through informal education.

Upon completion, the gained experience will be useful in situations which involve public appearance and speaking.

The duration of the schools is two months, and the workshops will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 PM at Mladiinfo Montenegro.

Participants will gain valuable skills and experience, and upon completion of the training they will receive a diploma.

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