Conference named “Istina u doba dezinformisanja“ held in Podgorica

The Atlantic Alliance of Montenegro organized a conference on the topic “The truth at the time of disinformation – how vulnerable and how do we fight?” At the “Center Ville” hotel in Podgorica.

The conference began at ten o’clock, and Savo Kentera, president of the Atlantic Alliance of Montenegro, opened the same speech and greeted all participants.

“Disinformation is just one of the instruments for implementing strategic foreign policy interests as well as strengthening the international position,” Kenter said, and called on US Ambassador to Montenegro Judy Rising Reinke to address a few words.

“It’s a pleasure to be here in this program of the Atlantic Alliance. I would like to thank the Atlantic Alliance, especially Mr. Sava Kenteri in partnership, to organize programs such as those aimed at educating people in Montenegro and beyond, “the ambassador said.

In the further part of the conference, through panel discussions, panelists talked about the experiences, lessons learned and importance of strategic partnerships in the fight against disinfection in the first panel.

The panel moderator was Savo Kenter. Milan Jovanović, from the Atlantic Alliance of Montenegro, presented the two case studies with the presentation of the importance of true news. After him, Chris Donelly, director of the Institute for Statecraft in the UK, spoke. He talked about his work experience, about developing democracy as the main actor in reducing misinformation, that is, “the truth instead of false news”. “The world is changing at a rapid pace, faster than ever in the last 200 years,” said Donelly.

After a short break, another panel was held within the conference.

The panel’s moderator was Marko Savić, a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Political Science, and panelists were Mihailo Jovović, program director of ND Vijesti, Božena Jelušić, literary professor, and Draško Đuranović – director and editor-in-chief of the Pobjeda list.

The theme of the panel was: “Media literacy as a driver of social resilience to threats brought about by disinformation”.

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