m! M on the promotion of the book “Biber”

Three representatives of the organization Mladiinfo Montenegro, Vojinović Aleksandra, Laković Vuk and Žarković Nikola, were guests at the promotion of the collection of short stories “Biber” in KIC “Budo Tomović”. This collection consists of a story on the theme of reconciliation, which was selected at the second competition, which was announced from January to June 2017. The promotion was attended by Lejla Kalamujić, Slađana Ljubičić, Katarina Miličević and Antonela Marušić, together with moderator Radomir Radević.

The promotion was opened by a moderator who was introduced to the task of Biber contest, as well as from this competition, after which he presented the presenters who are promoting. Afterwards, Katarina Milićević was introduced to the idea of ​​this competition, the previous work of the Center for Nonviolent Initiative, explaining the role of the writers themselves who send stories from their hearts to the contest, which carry a strong and deep message. She also presented some further goals, led by a third competition where more and more stories are expected from the previous two.

After her promotion, Antonela Marušić continued under the pseudonym Nora Verde. She said she liked the topics that were limited in some ways, where there was not a complete literary free space, so I became interested in these contests, and that’s just the interesting name “Biber” that Katarina explained that the name “Pepper” has the same meaning on in all languages, and also has a symbolic meaning. Antonela said that literature is not seen as an adequate way to change the world and, as she says, her literature cannot change the world.

After Antonela’s promotion, Sladjana Ljubičić continued, who said that she used this contest as a way to connect her literature with her peace activism, after which she explained her story more closely and from where the roots of that story originated. The promotion was continued by Lejla Kalamujić, another writer whose story came to this collection. She also highlighted where her story originated and on what facts from her life she was based, after which she talked about how this competition became a fairly relevant way of spreading peace, which is the main goal of this project, in our countries. Lejla added that this part of her project should not be dropped and that a certain significance definitely exists.

Katarina Milićević, who says that reconciliation is a process that every individual should advocate and that she was a witness to people who fired on one another during the war on the same front, and after their confrontation and exchange of experiences, they become even good friends.

The participants also answered the question of how the process of reconciliation in our region, and how it seems that the process should continue. The promotion was completed by reading one story Antonela Marušić, after which the guests asked questions and gave their comments.

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